Write a paragraph about the importance of music in your life

This music may merely be in the background when we drive or study, provide a refuge from our problems, offer a trigger for our memories, or be an integral part of our lives, memories, and culture. Write an essay of approximately two pages in which you explain the role that music plays or has played in your life. Music also has the power to help in studying for some, and even sleeping, or both for people like me.

Write a paragraph about the importance of music in your life

It may also mean sounds so combined as to make a pleasant impression on the mind. All sound, however, is not music. It is only when the sounds combined produce harmony and melody and please the ear that they become music. Music paves the way for the absorption of the mind in the Supreme.

In fact, it is an innocent and refining diversion. Music can bring excitement in our life. It can stir up the feelings of love and sympathy. Music makes our life beautiful and fills our heart with joy.

A emotional song can melt the heart of even a violent person. The solemn and stately music fills the worshipers with awe and reverence and the sense of the Divine Presence.

Some famous musical pieces are ranked among the greatest achievements in human history. Everyone knows how the song or Orpheus, the great musician of ancient Greece, proved captivating to stones, trees and flood.

Music not only rouses various feelings but also quiets the worried and wearied soul. We can play a musical instrument.

Alternatively, we can listen to a song according to our mood or choice. Either way, music enhances our lives in many ways.Importance of music in my life. March 11, it’s nice to be able to sit down and write about it.

write a paragraph about the importance of music in your life

It can make all your problems just disappear and float away. Really importance . Here is your short paragraph on my life: My name is Jiah Disouza. I am twenty four years old. I am studying Business management (in Economics) in Brigham Young University.

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It is the culture and society that we live in that makes us put a value on our importance. Many people join.

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