Why are you taking this course and what do you hope to gain from it

I would hope that the benefits to others would be increased understanding of computer programs. I intend to build up my expertise in these areas through volunteering with this Project. This expertise would also help me in future if I decide to embark on a new career. It also creates a portfolio of work which I can show to propective employers or clients.

Why are you taking this course and what do you hope to gain from it

I recently completed the Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: It was an extremely insightful experience to see what a traditional Nutritionist learns and eventually coaches or advocates to their clients.

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What do you hope to accomplish as a result of your volunteering with this Project

It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition. Although I did learn a few useful things that I will outline below, for the most part I was shocked and disappointed to see the mis-truths and lack of unbiased information being presented to the students.

Why are you taking this course and what do you hope to gain from it

Well, we all know that industry sponsors many universities through expensive grants, so could we really expect these teaching institutions to maintain an impartial perspective?

I actually feel bad for anyone who spends the money on a 4-year Nutrition Degree, because they may enter their study with high hopes of helping others, but how can they really help guide others through nutrition and diet when they are being taught lies?

What I Learned As I mentioned above, there were a few things that I learned from this course, or at least that I felt were truthful and relevant. Obviously this is important, and was factual in the course.

Additionally, it was pointed out that vegan and vegetarian diets also improve plasma lipid concentrations and have been shown to reverse atherosclerosis progression. Certainly important factors to consider, and should be addressed for meat-eaters too!

Clearly these facts cannot be denied! The other parts of the course are where I found myself wincing and shaking my head in utter dismay. Anyone who is working with nutrition and food allergies, autism, ADHD and infertility all of which have completed skyrocketed in the last decade worldwide knows that something has seriously gone wrong.

If you are unsure in any way, please watch these documentaries on GMO foods and health: I also highly recommend the book The Unhealthy Truth: An excellent read for anyone looking to learn more on the subject of GMO foods and health!

Yes, it is true that we need to educate ourselves! In fact, reviews of multiple studies show that organic varieties do provide significantly greater levels of vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus than non-organic varieties of the same foods http: Why ignore the value of organic whole foods yet advocate processed foods that are chemically fortified with inorganic vitamins and minerals?

No mention of the antibiotics and hormones in conventional milk, the added sugar in breakfast cereals or the chemical colorings in sports drinks. In my professional experience, more people are being affected by all types of food additives more than ever before, because food additives are being used in food more than ever before!

Flavor enhancers MSG, ribonucleotidenitrates, sulfites, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners and chemical colorings are creating an absolute health epidemic! To gloss over this issue and to not acknowledge the danger of food additives in relation to nutrition and health is both irresponsible and just plain idiotic.

Sadly, the food industry has a lot of money to hide the truth. Other foods which are categorized as GRAS are salt, pepper, vinegar and baking powder. How is it possible that MSG is considered as safe as vinegar? The worst part of all is that this is what Nutritionists are learning in school.

Will they be able to identify an MSG intolerance in their client? You cannot advise people on food and not take into account the potential effect of chemical food additives! People may eat this mess and think they are having a heart attack!

Vegans can simply use extra-virgin olive oil, an organic almond butter or tahini sesame seed paste. People on a raw food vegan diet will not need any spread to put on bread, and they can use fresh lime or lime for salad dressing and add tahini to a raw cracker.If you are shy or withdrawn and feel uncomfortable communicating to a large audience, taking a course can help in the following ways: Gain basic writing skills: With these courses, you can improve your writing and develop your skills in writing informational, persuasive communications.

Q3 What do you hope to gain from this course on development economics I hope to from ECO at Swinburne I hope to gain a more thorough understanding of the challenges facing the "global village", (due to things such as a ruling elite taking the lion's share of the benefits of the growth)%(6).

Why should you take Business Education Classes? Many people—parents, students, and even educators—operate under the erroneous assumption that business education is only for students who expect to graduate and pursue a career in business.

It depends on the class and the school of course. But you should learn how to present information in a clear and organized manner—that is probably the most important skill. What can you expect and hope to gain from taking a technical writing/communication class? Update Cancel. ad by MuleSoft. What do you expect to gain and hope from.

DISCUSSIONS ON COURSE BENEFITS What Can I get Out of This Course? Date: Tue, 13 Sep From: "Phil D" In response to Jennifer's question. I think that the purpose of taking sociology, is to give us a better understanding of our social surroundings.

I mean if you want to be a Nurse why do you need to learn about society right? Sociology.

Why are you taking this course and what do you hope to gain from it

Course Descriptions & & & & & & & & Gustavus Adolphus College Make Your Life Count Gustavus Adolphus The familiar response to the question "why study philosophy?" is as follows: the ability to respect and GAIN UNDERSTANDING of others views will help you in your everyday life, and work life.

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