The ilowto joint report on informal employment

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The ilowto joint report on informal employment

Item 1. We are one of the largest full-service automotive-finance operations in the country and offer a wide range of financial services and insurance products to automotive dealerships and consumers.

Our award-winning online bank Ally Bank, Member FDIC and Equal Housing Lender offers mortgage-lending services and a variety of deposit and other banking products, including savings, money-market, and checking accounts, certificates of deposit CDsand individual retirement accounts IRAs. Additionally, we offer securities-brokerage and investment-advisory services through Ally Invest.

Our robust corporate-finance business offers capital for equity sponsors and middle-market companies. Corporate and Other primarily consists of centralized corporate treasury activities, the management of our legacy mortgage portfolio, the activity related to Ally Invest, and reclassifications and eliminations between the reportable operating segments.

Our strategic focus is centered around continuing to optimize our Automotive Finance and Insurance operations, to grow our deposits and customers, to increase the scale of our digital product offerings, to maintain efficient capital management and disciplined risk management, to build the long-term value of our business, and to foster a culture of relentlessly focusing on our customers, communities, associates, and stockholders.

Within our Automotive Finance and Insurance operations, we are focused on strengthening our network of dealer relationships and pursuing digital distribution channels for our products and services, including through our operation of a direct-lending platform, our participation in other direct-lending platforms, and our work with dealers innovating in digital transactions—all while maintaining an appropriate level of risk.

We also seek to extend our leading position in automotive finance in the United States by continuing to provide automotive dealers and their retail customers with premium service, a comprehensive product suite, consistent funding, and competitive pricing—reflecting our commitment to the automotive industry.

Within our other banking operations—including Mortgage Finance and Corporate Finance—we seek to prudently expand our consumer and commercial banking products and services while providing a high level of customer service.

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In addition, we continue to focus on delivering significant and sustainable growth in deposit customers and balances while optimizing our cost of funds. At Ally Invest, we look to augment our securities brokerage and investment advisory services to more comprehensively assist our customers in managing their savings and wealth.

We continue to invest in enhancing the customer experience with integrated features across product lines on our digital platform. We also continue to build on our existing foundation of approximately 6. Our product offerings and brand continue to gain traction in the marketplace, as demonstrated by industry recognition of our award-winning direct online bank and strong retention rates of our customer base.

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Unless the context otherwise requires, the following definitions apply. Industry and Competition The markets for automotive financing, insurance, banking including corporate finance and mortgage financesecurities brokerage, and investment-advisory services are highly competitive.

We directly compete in the automotive financing market with banks, credit unions, captive automotive finance companies, and independent finance companies. Our insurance business also faces significant competition from automotive manufacturers, captive automotive finance companies, insurance carriers, third-party administrators, brokers, and other insurance-related companies.

Some of these competitors in automotive financing and insurance, such as captive automotive finance companies, have 3 Table of Contents Ally Financial Inc.

The ilowto joint report on informal employment

In addition, our banking, securities brokerage, and investment-advisory businesses face intense competition from banks, savings associations, finance companies, credit unions, mutual funds, investment advisers, asset managers, brokerage firms, hedge funds, insurance companies, mortgage-banking companies, and credit card companies.

Financial-technology fintech companies also have been partnering more often with financial services providers to compete against us in lending and other markets.

Many of our competitors have substantial positions nationally or in the markets in which they operate. Some of our competitors have significantly greater scale, financial and operational resources, investment capacity, and brand recognition as well as lower cost structures, substantially lower costs of capital, and much less reliance on securitization, unsecured debt, and other capital markets.

Our competitors may be subject to different and, in some cases, less stringent legislative, regulatory, and supervisory regimes than we are.The Informal Sector, Growth, Employment, and Sustainable Development Discussion Note The Informal Sector, Employment, and Structural Transformation. The informal economy, meaning employment and production that operate outside the regulatory and tax systems, tends to be overlooked in U.S.

policy discussions. When it is considered, it is often viewed in terms of black market (i.e., criminal and illegal) activities, undocumented immigrants, or white-collar tax .

Informal employment, male (% of total non-agricultural employment) Children in employment, self-employed, female (% of female children in employment, ages ) Average working hours of children, study and work, ages (hours per week). To this end, R calls for governments to create an enabling environment for informal employees and enterprise operators to exercise their right to organize and to bargain collectively (with employer organizations or government respectively) and to participate in social dialogue in the transition to the formal economy.

Notes: Due to the possible existence of some formal wage employment in the informal sector, total informal employment may be slightly lower than the sum of informal sector employment and informal employment outside the informal sector. 1 Six cities.

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** Urban Areas. n.a. Non Available. Overview. The introduction of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) for malaria is of considerable interest. Such tests use immunochromatographic methods to detect Plasmodium-specific antigens in a finger-prick blood tests can be performed in approximately 15 minutes by individuals with minimal training, using test kits that require no electricity and no special equipment.

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