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Please scroll down for Welsh Language information. Lost in Art is a visual arts project for people living with dementia and their carers. The aim of the project is to explore the role of visual arts in addressing issues that can affect people with dementia, including social isolation, confidence, communication and quality of life.

Synnwyr business plan

Mae rhestr o eirfa ar bob tudalen, felly does dim angen defnyddio geiriadur. I loved reading novels for learners when I was learning Welsh as a student- it was an enormous help. I remember learning language patterns in the classroom and then I would see them in a story. As a result, and I was able to remember them, and they made more sense.

Also, it is a great way of learning new vocabulary! There is a list of words on every page, so there is no need to use a dictionary. You can enjoy an exciting story and develop your language skills at the same time!

Doedd dim llawer o gyfrolau o straeon byrion ar gael ar gyfer dysgwyr ar lefel Canolradd, a maen nhw mor boblogaidd ym myd y dysgwyr. There were not many volumes of short stories available to learners at the Intermediate level, and they are very popular in the world of learners.

synnwyr business plan

Adults are very busy at work and with their families, so it is easier to engage with reading a short story. In recent years I have enjoyed writing a number of exciting short stories with the aim of enlivening the learning process in our classes, and I have been inspired by the enjoyment of my students to create a new collection of exciting short stories in the volume Croesi'r Bont.

All the short stories have titles which are idioms or proverbs. They are so important and they enrich the language. There are five stories in the volume and each one is in a different genre.

Dyn ni i gyd yn rhannu hiwmor am y treigladau a gramadeg, a dyn ni i gyd yn deall yr anawsterau o fod yn ddysgwr Cymraeg!

I wanted to appeal to everyone and I wanted to include stories about learners themselves. We all take part in the humour about mutations and grammar, and we all understand the difficulties of being Welsh learners!

It is full of humour!

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Tom makes unfortunate mistakes every time, and he is very nervous about speaking Welsh outside the class, but his perseverance leads to something exciting… Mae stori ysbryd am ddysgwyr Cymraeg yn y gyfrol, hefyd! There is a ghost story about Welsh learners in the volume, too!

Students go to the pub on Halloween to listen to an old story by their tutor. They get a terrible shock walking back through a dark wood on the way home The story takes place in the mountains, lakes and beautiful countryside of Cardiganshire.

Fate brings the lovers together and everything is perfect… for a while. But Owain cannot run away from his damaged past forever. Will his dark secret destroy his future with Gwenllian?

For those who like Sci-Fi and Star Wars, 'Nation without a language, nation without a heart' a Welsh proverb is the story for you! A galaxy far far away reflects the battle for the Welsh language in Wales Mae Llywelyn a Dwynwen yn cwrdd eto deng mlynedd nes ymlaen.

Mae tipyn o sgandal a sbeis, a digon o hiwmor, fel arfer! The volume also contains a comic 'sequel' to the popular soap opera Rhydybont. Llywelyn and Dwynwen meet again ten years on. There is a bit of scandal and spice, and plenty of humour, as usual! I chose the title 'Crossing The Bridge' because every learner is well on the road to crossing the bridge to fluency once they have reached Intermediate level.

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I hope that the stories will inspire other learners to persevere with their learning, and hope they will get a lot of enjoyment from reading them!To win in business requires a winning business plan.

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Experience in transformation or business change programmes (ideally large relocation and or complex building programmes) is highly desirable. Mae'n hanfodol eich bod yn gyfarwydd â gweithio gydag amserlenni prosiect a rhaglen integredig cymhleth, yn cynnwys cynlluniau is-gontractio. - Aled Powell, Plaid Cymru candidate for Pen-Y-Cae