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Every year I play Russian Roulette with the picking of our Evans cherries.

Single frau blog

Posted on November 18, by Margaret This easy one pot chicken adobo is so full of amazing flavour — yet it only has six ingredients and no need to brown the chicken first! Serve it with coconut rice for a special treat. I love learning things from guests in our home.

I chip away at unsuspecting guests, constantly steering the conversation to food and picking their brains for favourite dishes from their personal repertoires, family traditions, or culinary history.

I have to be crafty. Not everyone is as interested in food as I am, but when I find one who is.

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I love talking food and get great pleasure learning new tips, tricks, or recipes from friends. This recipe is one such win. Our oldest son has been staying here with his friend, Jeff, for a few weeks, as they work on their online business from home before they head off overseas to work in Bali for the next four months.

The family never gets tired of it. I can see why!

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I was keen to get the recipe. I spent Christmas in the Philippines visiting my sister who lived there for a year on a student exchange. What a fantastic trip! I stayed with her host family in Manila and experienced a wonderful Filipino family Christmas. Maybe this would be it.

Add some garlic and pepper and bay leaves. It seems the ratio of vinegar to soy sauce must be the secret. Looking up recipes online brought up ratios all the way from 2 parts vinegar: So that was no help. Jeff Consul, the adobo king I could not believe how simple this dish is — only six ingredients — yet how full of fantastic umami flavour.

The first pot of adobo we made was gobbled up in record time. That tangy, salty sauce infused into shining pieces of mahogany-coloured chicken with moist morsels of meat that fall off the bone as you eat them. We scratched the bottom of the pot to spoon up the delicious sauce so we could drizzle it over the sweet coconut rice Jeff made to go with the adobo.

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Yes, it seems like a lot of vinegar and soy sauce, but believe me — magic happens in that pot when the lid is closed. Trust me that it will all come together into the most amazing end result; a pot of unforgettable chicken adobo. Heat it up a bit and lay in the chicken pieces bone in, skin on, no need to brown them first.

Cook it all for an hour. Then remove the lid and cook some more until the sauce is glistening and reduced to your liking. I wish I had it. He just rinses the rice and drains it. Puts it in a pot and adds enough water so that if you touch the top of the rice with the tip of your finger, the water comes up to the crease where your first knuckle ends.

We all need a superpower, right? In the Philippines it is common to use either chicken or pork for adobo. Try this recipe with large chunks of pork. I put all the ingredients into the Instant Pot and cooked it on high for 25 minutes, with a 15 minute natural release.

When it was done, I removed the chicken pieces to keep warm and cooked the sauce down until it was reduced by at least half, then poured some over the chicken and passed the rest in a sauce pitcher.APPLY FOR THE SPHINX COMPETITION.

The Sphinx Competition is held every year in Detroit, Michigan. The competition is open to all Junior High, High School, and College age Black and Latinx string players residing in the U.S.

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Single frau blog

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Single frau blog

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