Key marketing strategies

There are a number of platforms on which your firm can advertise effectively:

Key marketing strategies

The answer to this question outlines the key objective that will determine the success, or otherwise, of the event.

Key marketing strategies

This is the question that attendees, exhibitors and sponsors alike will ask themselves when evaluating attendance.

This is the defining factor which will help communicate and determine your marketing strategy. It is about the value to the participant and other stakeholders. What is in it for THEM? How does your event meet their needs? What are their pain points? How can your event solve a problem or offer a solution to them?

While these may all be valid, we really want is to zero in on the main drivers that make attendees purchase tickets or register for your event: These are sometimes the most overt reasons why we say we attend events.

These are reasons we sometimes ignore ourselves or we are too afraid to say out loud. Here are some you may consider addressing in your 5Ws Event Marketing Plan or communications: I Feel Alone How can your attendees Key marketing strategies to know more people, like them?

Make sure your social programme is rich and that you integrate with as many social networks as possible. Your guests will feel at ease by discovering that like-minded individuals are attending. Make sure to communicate enough reasons for your attendees to justify to their boss why it is important to go to your event.

Never skimp on drinks and food and make sure your parties are memorable. Some people remember events just for the after-parties. I Am Broke In a business context, events are a good opportunity to find contacts and clients. Speed networking sessions or roundtables are a great way to give an opportunity for your guests to do more business.

Communicate to bosses to make sure you tell them how important it is to get their employees to come. Consider offering group booking discounts. From life as usual, family issues, kids, and frustration associated with any of the above.

Events are a great opportunity for a legitimate getaway. Make sure that those who attend will have fun, relax and enjoy some worthwhile time away from home so they can recharge their batteries and go back to their families happier, and then pre-book a ticket for next year.

Reality is that the majority of people attend events to learn about something they are completely clueless about. Sometimes even the experts attend to learn. Make sure to create different learning environments based on beginner, intermediate and advanced knowledge.

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I Want To Visit Somewhere New Events can give people the chance to travel outside of their office or home location to explore and experience the unknown. Try to select original locations and venues in cities that are within reach and offer something different.

Offer all-inclusive solutions to keep your guests happy if you can. Think Like an Attendee Listen closely and think carefully about the benefits of attending your event from the attendee perspective.

How will it bring value to the customer? Simply listing speaker names and features for your event exhibitors, 20 keynote speakers Make the benefits clear and simple. They will not spend time looking for a reason to attend an event if the advantages are not clear.

On the other hand, if you can capture their attention by giving a possible solution to their troubles they are more likely to sit up and listen.

Your Event Elevator Pitch An event elevator pitch is a succinct summary to explain your event to someone without any previous knowledge of it. This is the offspring of your event objectives. It delivers on the premise of your all event marketing program. Think about the best way to communicate the vision and benefits of your event in a couple of sentences, or in 60 seconds.

Social media offers a fantastic opportunity to test and measure the success of your message to see what resonates the best.


Refining your event elevator pitch is an essential and worthwhile exercise. ABC is the event that will push the boundary of fun, with the strongest line up of performers ever put together, to entertain boys and girls under the age of 16, in Florida.

You can see where we are going with this.Feb 12,  · Gauri is a Kellogg MBA and has spent the last 5 years contributing to the success of hi-tech B2B startups in Chicago. Gauri is a Stevie Award Winner (Female Executive for . A number of factors affect the goals, strategies and tactics set by businesses.

Dig deeper when targeting your demographic.

Marketing is the design, development and promotion of products and services. Thus, the nature of your industry, company attributes and preferred promotional tools all go into decisions on marketing strategy development.

+ tips, strategies, templates and tactics to win at event marketing in Your practical event marketing plan to quickly grow your event and sell more tickets. To put it another way, your marketing strategy is a summary of your company's products and position in relation to the competition; your sales and marketing plans are the specific actions you're going to undertake to achieve the goals of your marketing strategy.

A top marketing strategy will always stand the test of time, especially for a small business. Asking these questions from the beginning is a major advantage. Knowing your target audience and the platform they are most active on will also make a huge difference to the overall outcome.

A top marketing strategy will always stand the test of time, especially for a small business. Asking these questions from the beginning is a major advantage. Knowing your target audience and the platform they are most active on will also make a huge difference to the overall outcome.

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