Influence of western culture in india essay

With the conquest of European powers and subsequent British rule in India has had a profound effect of western culture on Indian society.

Influence of western culture in india essay

Gowadia helped designed the stealth and propulsion systems of the B-2 bomber: But in he found a consulting firm and began selling his secrets to foreign nations, including China.

The Cold War may be over, but the art of spying is far from dead. Air Force secrets to China. The man in fact designed those secrets while working with top military contractor Northrop Grumman. Gowadia, billed himself as "father of the technology that protects the B-2 stealth bomber from heat-seeking missiles".

In the late s, he struck out on his own, founding a consulting firm in dubbed "Gowadia, Inc. He sent information to operatives from Germany, Israel, and Switzerland.

That transaction allowed China to jump-start its stealth aerospace efforts and design a stealth missile.

It also netted Mr. But that gain would result in a far greater loss, the loss of his freedom. The Arrest InMr.

Influence of western culture in india essay

Federal authorities raided Mr. Mr Gowdia admitted to sending the classified information, but said he only did so to "to establish the technological credibility with the potential customers for future business.

Gowdia with 18 counts, including espionage charges, charges about the transmission of classified documents to a foreign state, charges stemming from his role in designing Chinese stealth missiles, and money laundering charges. The trial dragged on through as Mr. Once they obtained those materials after a thorough security screening, the trial was further delayed, as the defense claimed Mr.

Gowdia was suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. The Sentence After a three-month jury trial, Mr. Gowdia was finally found guilty of 14 out of 17 charges, with a verdict arriving August 9, Sentencing was delayed until this week.

Gowdia faced up to a life sentence in prison, he was sentenced to a slightly lesser sentence of 32 years in federal prison. Assistant US Attorney Ken Sorenson who prosecuted the case told the Associated Press that he was "a little disappointed" with the sentence.

If he lives long enough, he may eventually see parole, but Mr.

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Gowdia likely will spend most of the remainder of his life behind bars. His family claims that he is innocent and is fighting to appeal the decision. States his son, Ashton, to the Associated Press, "My father would never, ever do anything to intentionally to hurt this country. Not likely that you will convert any significant percentage of Muslims.

Influence of western culture in india essay

End of christianity is near due to its moral bankruptcy and death in the West. Taiwan Click to expand I mean to say, "Technology is meant by the people who develop the technologies, not by their bosses who are awarded these Western Scientific Awards and their firms who make profits out of it.

Libya inSyria incontinuous efforts by NATO forces to create a threat in Afghans by drone attacks to provide enough space to convert them into Christianity, bla bla.Essay on Western Culture and Plastic Surgery Globalization and Western Influence on Asian Ideals of Feminine Beauty Angela Kroemer Western Governor's University Globalization and Western Influence on Asian Ideals of Feminine Beauty In the world of feminine ideals, what non-Western cultures deem to be beautiful or attractive has been greatly.

Therefore culture is a process of growth through the means of education, discipline, training etc.. Western and Indian cultures are diametrically opposed.

The reason for this is that western culture is based on the principles of MATERIALISM, whereas Indian culture is based . The Influence of Western Culture on Indian Art Essay The modern Indian art traces its roots to colonial era when western influences were highly felt when Indian artists started to draw inspiration, styles and techniques from western schools established during this time - The Influence of Western Culture on Indian Art Essay introduction.

For last few decades, Indian culture has been influenced by the western culture. Indians are adopting the merits of the western culture like cleanliness, equal rights for both men and women, frankness, modern clothing etc.

which helped in removing the shortcomings of Indian culture. Jun 28,  · Influence of western culture on Indian society Influence of western culture on Caste. We find that the traditional social organisation exemplified by the caste system has undergone several changes yet continues to exist in Indian society performing some old and some new functions.

Search Results. Impact Of Western Culture On Pakistani Society The Impact of Western culture on Pakistani culture has had both positive and negative effects on Pakistani society, though the negative effects outweigh the positive ones by.

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