Essay writing on olympic games 2012

History of Circus The fact that summer Olympic Games will be held in London will of cause affect the life of this city, and the whole country. As it will be the third Olympics held in London, so it is not so much new contraction facilities have to be built now.

Essay writing on olympic games 2012

A scene from the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles As mandated by the Olympic Charter, various elements frame the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Greece is traditionally the first nation to enter in order to honor the origins of the Olympics.

During the Summer Olympicswhich was hosted in Athens, Greece.

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The Greek flag entered the stadium first and last. When it came in to the stadium for the second time it was followed by the athletes. Speeches are then given formally opening the Games.

Finally the athletes oath said. Following this the Olympic torch is brought into the stadium and passed on until it reaches the final torch carrier who lights the cauldron.

Flag-bearers from each participating country enter the stadium. They are followed by the athletes who enter together without any national distinction. Three national flags are hoisted while the corresponding national anthems are played. The flag of Greece to honor the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

The flag of the current host country.

London 2012 Olympics Essay Sample

The flag of the country hosting the next Summer or Winter Olympic Games is also flown. The Games are officially closed and the Olympic flame is put out. The president then passes it on to the mayor of the city hosting the next Olympic Games.

A medal ceremony during the Summer Olympics A medal ceremony is held after each Olympic event is concluded. The winner, second and third-place competitors or teams stand on top of a three-tiered rostrum to be awarded their respective medals.

Essay writing on olympic games 2012

For example, wrestling is a Summer Olympic sport, comprising two disciplines: It is broken down into fourteen events for men and four events for women. Each event represents a different weight class.

There are 35 federations represented at the IOC. Sports can be added or removed from the list on the basis of a two-thirds majority vote of the members of the IOC. This resulted in the removal of baseball and softball from the list of sports for the London Games.Published: Mon, 5 Dec My report is based on the Olympic Games project in London, the selected contractor submitted detailed documentation and project details which were evaluated & reviewed by the clients.

Essay writing on olympic games 2012

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Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Last However all of them have been already offered as pre-gaming training camps for athletes coming to London Olympic Games (Leicester City Council. Preparation camps). Sports Essay Writing Service Essays More Sports Essays. Essays; .

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London Olympics Essay Sample. In , to the delight of millions of English citizens, London won the rights to the Summer Olympics. London had previously hosted the Olympic games in and , while bidding on the ,, and games.

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