Essay on pit bulls

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Essay on pit bulls

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. They have a reason they are alive just as well as humans.

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But yet, they do something with pit bulls, since they are so terrible. Pit bulls are very well behaved animals and I will prove to you that they are very thoughtful and loving animals that were created on this Earth for a reason just as well as you and I.

When people discriminate Pit Bulls they are basically discriminating humans in the same way. It all depends on the owner how you treat that dog, and how you train the dog. If you have the balls enough to treat an animal that way, then you deserve to be treated the exact same way as the poor dog got treated.

Essay on pit bulls

But not only do pit bull gets treated like they are dirt, so do their masters when they are out in public or talk about their dog.

When people raise pit bulls to Essay on pit bulls, they give pit bulls a terrible rap for them. When people do this to animals, not only pit bulls but all animals it disgusts me.

Search form Example Essays There are indeed many reasons why pit bulls should be banned and among these is the vicious nature of pit bulls.
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That family would be devastated, because their child was taken from their hearts. Scientist that have done studies on Pit Bulls have showed results that the American Pit Bull is less likely to attack you then a Rottweiler, German Shepherd, or a Chow by But yet, pit bulls still face bans across the United States.

Not only do Pit Bulls make a great family dog, they make a great best friend, just like my Pit Bull, Mator. Not only do Pit Bulls get discriminated by their looks, past, and owners they also get critiqued by their personality.

The show Pit Bull and Paroles has made a huge effect on my life. According to Tia, the woman that runs and made up the show is a not only a pit bull owner but she has over Pit Bulls at her facility.

Tia helps give these abused Pit Bulls second chances at happily ever after homes. I have realized that the world will never get over the fact the society judges Pit Bulls, but if they read facts and information about Pits like I did, they would not only be shocked by the outcome but they would understand Pit Bulls more than they did before.

The most responsible owners have well trained, very social able Pits, and are fantastically great at making first impression on a family. The show Pit Bulls and Paroles have really opened my eyes on how many dogs get abused each and every single day, when I found out that only one in every Pit Bulls will find a home breaks my heart, because every dog deserves a home.

I know some people will never get over the fact that the society believes Pit Bulls are so mean and vicious. But I know that in my heart that Pit Bulls are one of the most amazing and loving family or non-family pets there will ever be.

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You will never understand a Pit Bull until you have owned and cared for one just like I have. More essays like this:Even though some pit bulls have committed vicious crimes in the past, society should not punish the entire breed for it. I do not only consider Simba my pet, I .

Pit bulls are a Misunderstood Breed Pit bulls are the most misunderstood dog breeds in the world. When people hear the word pit bull they automatically think of dogs fighting and attacking.

When people say "pit bull" they're usually referring to a range of breeds and, often, a mixed-breed dog. On the western side of the Central Valley, the effects of arbitrary cutoffs in federal irrigation water have idled tens of thousands of acres of prime agricultural land, leaving thousands unemployed.

The Hops Company and Two Roads will donate $1 from the sale of each Two Roads pint of beer to the Fisher House Foundation.

Essay on pit bulls

The Fisher House Foundation reunites families of injured veterans while they’re in the hospital. Pit Bulls Essay Words | 9 Pages. Andre Darville Professor Kaefer English 1B 3 March Pit Bulls: Misconceptions and the Truth Pit Bulls, one of the American societies famous bully breeds is too often stereotyped as malicious animals, but that stereotype is false due to evidence that pit bulls can be just as loving as the iconic golden retriever.

Ken Foster lives in New Orleans with his dogs, Brando, Zephyr, Douglas and Bananas. His work has appeared in The Believer, McSweeney's, Bomb, The New York Times Book Review, Time Out New York, The Village Voice and other publications.

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