Cu674 meet and welcome visitors

Khatua has been instrumental in effectively regulating the commodity derivatives market in the country and also in providing regulatory support to the derivatives market, which has helped growth of this market.

Cu674 meet and welcome visitors

August August Accreditation Accreditation numbers: We work with over centres and we award overvocational qualification certificates every year. Our vocational qualifications are developed in collaboration with industry and are used by students and employers as a benchmark for practical skills and quality.

EDI qualifications are accredited on the National Qualifications Framework and are eligible for government funding. EDI offers unrivalled centre support, through online administration, resources and customer care. In addition, EDI provides a wide range of services for training providers, colleges, employers and schools including customised assessments, bespoke training programmes, innovative interactive online assessments mapped to the national curriculum, an electronic portfolio system, access to high volume printing and broadband facilities.

For more details, please visit the EDI website: The Qualifications and Credit Framework QCF is a unitised qualification framework underpinned by a system of credit accumulation and transfer.

Every unit on the framework will have a credit value, which is based on the notional learning hours for that specific unit for further information, see the section: The QCF is designed to allow learners to achieve credit for individual units or qualifications, providing learners with the opportunity to accumulate credit at their own pace and use it to claim for a qualification when they are ready.

Awards credits Certificates credits Diplomas 37 credits Each qualification title will contain the level of qualification e.

Cu674 meet and welcome visitors

Every unit and qualification on the QCF has been given a credit value, which denotes the number of credits that will be awarded to each candidate who successfully completes the unit or qualification. It is important to note that notional learning hours is not the same as guided learning hours GLH.

GLH represents the hours during which a tutor or trainer is present and contributing to the learning process. Notional learning hours represents the hours which are needed to successfully cover all the learning required to achieve the unit, either guided or independently.

Rules of combination Every qualification on the QCF is structured through rules of combination. Rules of combination are important because they define the number of credits which need to be achieved and where these credits must come from in order for a learner to achieve the qualification.

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Rules of combination also state what the potential is for learners to transfer credits between qualifications and awarding bodies. This service has been designed to support the QCF and facilitate the process of credit accumulation and transfer.

The Learner Achievement Record LAR is an electronic system which enables learners to record their achievements in a central location. Learners are able to make their LAR visible to potential employers and learning providers, as required.

Ongoing review of candidate performance by the assessor and internal verifier. This section of the Support Pack covers: How are the qualifications assessed? Assessment is the process used to judge a candidate s competence against set standards.

The assessor is usually the person who is responsible for providing training to the candidate and who has the greatest number of opportunities to observe the candidate s performance.

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The assessor may be a work place supervisor. Assessors must be trained and qualified or working towards a qualification relevant to the assessor role. Assessors base their judgement on a candidate s performance and decide how it compares to the national standard.

The assessor will also ask the candidate questions based on the knowledge required to do the work to ascertain the candidates understanding of the job role.

When the required units have been completed and the assessor is satisfied that the candidate has met the national standard, a recommendation for a certificate will be made.

The Internal Verifier provides advice and support to the assessors and ensures that the assessors apply the standards consistently and fairly. The Quality Advisor will quality assure the qualification process which ensures that certification of the qualification is reliable, consistent and to the national standard, by checking the consistency of assessments made by the training provider, and across training providers.

They also make visits to ensure training providers continue to meet the approval criteria. Awarding organisations will make sure RWEs, provide an environment which replicates the key characteristics of the workplace in which the skill to be assessed is normally employed. Have achieved or be in the process of achieving the appropriate regulatory body approved unit qualifications for assessment, moderation or verification; or, 2.

Section 3 - Suggested assessment methods The CfA recommend in their Assessment Guidance p the following assessment methods.

However, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list: In the CfA s assessment guidance document P6 it states: Competence may be demonstrated in the private sector, not-for-profit sector or public sector. Learners may be employed as full-time, part-time, paid or voluntary members of staff.

If simulation is to be used as an assessment method within the BA qualification then this needs to be discussed with and approved by the EDI Quality Advisor prior to the simulation taking place.

The definition of Realistic Working Environment RWE is a proper place of work, where an activity can be realistically carried out. A simulation, therefore, is only likely to be permissible where an additional work task, not necessarily in the individual s job role, is set to fulfil part of a unit.Apprenticeship in Business and Administration.

To achieve the Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business and Administration, learners must achieve a minimum of thirty-four credits. CU Meet and welcome visitors. 2 3 CU Store and retrieve information. 2 3 CU Use office equipment.

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2 4. To achieve the EDI Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business and Administration, learners must achieve a minimum of twenty one credits, of which fourteen credits must be selected from Level 2 units: CU Meet and welcome visitors 2 3 23 CU Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to internal customers.

Welcome Address For Sportsfest. Welcome Speech bv Prof. T.G. Sitharam, professor, Department of Civil Engg, IISc Very good morning to all of you and a warm greetings on behalf of Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable transportation and urban Planning (CiSTUP), Indian Institute of Science and National Academy of Science and Engineering Germany (ACATECH).

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CU Meet and Welcome Visitors Level 2 Credit value 3 GLH 23 Aims This unit covers the procedures to follow and hospitality to offer when meeting and welcoming visitors to business premises. CU Meet and Welcome Visitors Level 2 Credit value 3 GLH 23 Aims This unit covers the procedures to follow and hospitality to offer when meeting and welcoming.

CU Meet and welcome visitors 2 3 23 CU Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to internal customers 3 3 12 CU Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to Learners cannot claim the following unit combinations towards the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Business and Administration.

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