Buddhism one of indias greatest contribution

History of science and technology in the Indian subcontinentList of inventions and discoveries of the Indus Valley Civilizationand Timeline of Indian innovation Construction, Civil engineering and Architecture[ edit ] Iron pillar of Delhi: The origin of the stupa can be traced to 3rd-century BCE India.

Buddhism one of indias greatest contribution

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If considering basketball players in general, college players would include J. Why is Shakespeare considered one of the greatest writers of all time?

Not only did Shakespeare create some of the most admired plays in Western literature, he also transformed English theatre by expanding expectations about what could be accomplished through characterisation, plot, action, language, and genre.

His poetic artistry helped raise the status of popular theatre, permitting it to be admired by intellectuals as well as by those seeking pure entertainment. Can someone expalin this? Why was Asoka such a great ruler? Ashoka is considered the greatest of emperors because of the way heinteracted with his people.

He embraced Buddhism during his reign,and tried to live the principles of his faith. He demandedreligious tolerance in his kingdom, and held religious teachers ofany faith in high regard.

He had a mighty military, but chose toseek peace whenever possible. He provided medical care for bothanimals and humans, and also forbid the slaughter of cattle. He isnoted for treating the animals in his kingdom as citizens.

He was a Indian ruler from about B. Fought bloody, gory wars but when he noticed the pain and death he stopped fighting and spread beliefs in Buddhism through India.

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Who is considered the greatest basketball player of all time? Brian Scalabrine was the greatest basketball player of all time.

Buddhism one of indias greatest contribution

He holds the NBA records for highestcareer regular-season scoring average Why was asoka an important ruler? Asoka believed in truth and tolerance. The Macedonian leader of ancient times who is still considered tobe one of the greatest conquerors ever to have lived is Alexanderthe Great.

Although alive for just over three decades ,Alexander succeeded in conquering all of Greece, the Middle East,Egypt, and the Near East, even driving into portions of modernIndia.

His military success he never suffered a major defeat iscomplemented by his cultural achievements: Who is considered the greatest ruler in English history?

Britain was transformed dramatically during the reign of Queen Victoria,not that the Queen herself had a great deal to do with it, other than being Head of State at the time.

The same might be said of the present Queen. Who was one of the greatest scientist of all time?Buddhism was India’s greatest contribution to the world. But, Buddhism met violence in India because its ideology was antithesis to the Brahmanism and in the end Brahmanism, being more political, destroyed Buddhism through the political means and political violence.

It is as a result of Ashoka’s patronage that Buddhism, which until then was a small sect confined to particular localities, spread throughout India and subsequently beyond the frontiers of the country.

The greatest contribution of Buddhism was the establishment of a simple religion which could be easily understood and followed by the common people. In this religion, rites, rituals, yajnas and caste had no .

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Contribution of Jainism to Indian Culture