Book of acts essay

This is the particular reason why many accept that it is the Apostle Paul or Saul [as he was originally known], who authored this particular book in the Bible. Several debates have already been pursued by theologians as to whoever it really was who authored the different accounts that were written within the pages of Acts.

Book of acts essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It could also be a baptismal name. The name Theophilus is a Greek one, and both the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts are full of references that would be of interest to Greek readers, with Jesus displayed as the universal savior.

Luke, a physician, was companion to Paul, Colossians 4 v 14 Luke, the beloved physician both being major figures in the book of Acts. It has often been called the Acts of the Holy Spirit. Although other people are mentioned, it is mainly concerned with stories about just two — Peter and Paul.

Christ promised the Holy Spirit to his disciples John 15 v 26 and this Spirit empowered the early disciples. Luke was not it seems a follower of Christ before the crucifixion. Tradition says that he was a native of Syrian Antioch, probably a brother of Titus. The fulfilment, outworking of the Act of God which culminated in the resurrection and ascension of Christ — an act of God both redemptive and creative — accomplished with a love for mankind.

The Book of Acts was formally included in the canon of the New Testament, as defined by the Synod of Hippo inalthough it had been revered from the earliest times. The belief of the church was that the Holy Spirit was at work, both in the events recorded, but also in the writing of the book.

The Book of Acts | Essay Example

That Luke is the author, despite not formally claiming this, seems without doubt. The book contains some 30 words that are also in the gospel, but recorded no where else in the New Testament.

As in the gospel there is an interest in women, concern and sympathy for the poor and sick and concern for Gentiles. This gives us a date of approximately A. He records precisely historical and geographical details e.

There have been attempts to claim that the book was a careful compilation by a later writerbut this does not stand up against the evidence within.

The stories are told against a background very different to the world that we see today, organised in cities, but all part of one Empire.

It has been estimated that half the population were in slavery, often as a result of the wars that had occurred in the previous century according to W. Outline of Book The first 5 chapters could be called the birth of the church. The theme of the book is the birth and development of the church in the years immediately following the ascension of Christ to heaven.

In Acts 1v 8 Jesus tells his followers that they will be his witnesses not only in Israel, but throughout the world. The book divides into 3 main sections. Firstly there is a period of preparation and witness in the Jewish capital, Jerusalem. Chapters 1 to 4 verse 31, the preparation of the church for mission.

The preparatory events for the great mission are: The answer given was that they would obey God rather than man.

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Chapter 5 records more opposition and the miraculous release of the disciples from prison. Chapter 6 is concerned with administration — the choosing of deacons.

The end of Chapter 6 and chapter 7 tells the story of the deacon Stephen and his martyrdom. Chapter 8 tells of widespread persecution and of the exploits of Peter and of Philip. Here begins to spread of the gospel into new areas. Chapter 9 introduces Paul and his conversion — v 1 — Chapter 10 the problem concerning mixing with Gentiles was primarily seen by Jews as the problem of eating with them.The Book of Acts The book of Act was written by Saint Luke.

The date of the writing is uncertain, but most scholars favor the period A. D. Some people think that Acts represents normative guidelines for the New Testament church for all times. Book of Acts Essay.

Posted on June 19th, , by essay. The Book of Acts of the Apostles constitutes a very important part of the Bible which reflects the development of Christianity after the death of Christ. The Book depicts the major acts of Apostles that defined the development of Christianity.

The Book of Acts and the reflection of. The Book of Acts Essay Sample. Introduction. The book of Acts is a sequel to the Gospel of Luke. The Old Testament had recorded the age of God’s people Israel, the Gospels recorded the age of Jesus the Messiah and in this book we have the beginnings of the age of the church and of the Spirit.

Book of acts essay

The book of Acts could be called the book of the Spirit. [1] In the book of Acts, Luke mentions the Holy Spirit more than the four Gospels combined.

/5(4). Brief Overview of The Book of Acts Luke wrote the Acts of the Apostles as a follow-up to his Gospel account of the life of Christ.

The Acts should be seen as a description of the ongoing work of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit through His apostles and followers. The Book of Acts Essay - The Book of Acts The book of Acts is known as 'the birth of the church'. Acts recounts the story of the early church from the time of Jesus' ascension to Paul's arrival as a .

The Book of Acts | Essay Example