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In terms of the excitement of watching it and playing it, soccer is the best, and there are many good reasons to persuade you to agree. For the most part the whole world loves soccer and plays it more than any other sport; the main exception is the United States.

Generally, in the United States soccer is not the most popular sport; compared to basketball, American football, and baseball. However, in the U.

S, soccer is becoming more popular. There are a few reasons why soccer is appealing to all people, young and old. The first reason is that soccer is played worldwide, by all age groups, in every country. Compared to other sports, soccer does not require expensive equipment like football pads, baseball gloves, or hockey sticks, people can make a soccer ball out of newspaper, rubber, and plastic bags.

On the other hand, soccer can get rough and competitive the older you get. So if you are looking for a physical sport as well, soccer is also a good option.

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People think that soccer is boring. When they see the average score of a game is about two goals to one. It might seem boring to some, they play for 90 minutes but are only able to score three goals.

If you watch closely can see the players do a nice pass or do an amazing trick and believe it or not, it will still be entertaining. In other sports, teams can score so many points but score so easily that it lowers the value and the meaning of a score.

Seeing an average of points a game is quite tedious.

Bbaseball essay

In soccer, it is a lot harder to score so when you do score it is much more enjoyable; consequently one goal is the equivalent of 80 points in basketball.

The last reason why that soccer is the best sport is the passion of the game. When the score is tied and there are a few minutes left in the final, all it takes is one moment of brilliance from one of the players and the game is changed completely.

The fans are singing and chanting and the players play with such passion.

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It is almost like the fans are playing in the game. One of the most satisfying sounds is the roar of the players when your team scores, and then at the same you can feel the disappointment of the other team. Also the commentators get into the game so much that they end up almost as happy as the fans when a team scores.

This is why soccer is called the beautiful game. Now that you have read some of my reasons for believing that soccer is the best sport in the world, maybe you will start to appreciate the sport more.

Maybe you will even start playing it or watching it. I hope that you will find the same enjoyment watching and playing soccer that I do.Baseball is what started America’s interest in sports, and millions of people love the sport to this day. A baseball game is a very special event.

The official website for the Mississippi College Choctaws athletics. Nov 28,  · How to Play Baseball. Baseball is one of America's most beloved and iconic sports.

Bbaseball essay

For those new to the game, the rules can seem confusing and complicated. But once you understand how to set up the field, how to play offense, and how to 81%().

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Update: The world of sports continues to produce more inspiration than we in the media can keep up with. It seems like every week there’s another person triumphing over adversity or showing.

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