Archetypes and the hunger games essay

In this story she is the hero, with most archetypes. The archetypes in this book are her birth, having to leave her family, traumatizing event leading to her quest, special weapon, supernatural help, proves herself when on her quest, and journey that creates and un healable wound.

Archetypes and the hunger games essay

What is a Character Archetype? You may have heard the word "archetype" tossed around before, but it's possible that you haven't quite learned the meaning of this word yet. Simply put, an archetype is something that reoccurs in literature and in art.

This something can be a symbol, a theme, a setting, or a character. This article focuses on character archetypes—that is, character types that pop up across all genres of literature, both classic and contemporary.

Everyone is familiar with these guys, because everywhere we turn, there they are! Here's a list of some of the most commonly found archetypes in literature. The hero is always the protagonist though the protagonist is not always a hero.

Traditionally speaking, the hero has been male, though fortunately there are more female heroes appearing in contemporary literature think Katniss Everdeen and Lisbeth Salander.

Feature Essay | Archetypal Analysis of The Hunger Games

The hero is after some ultimate objective and must encounter and overcome obstacles along the way to achieving this goal. He or she is usually morally good, though that goodness will likely be challenged throughout the story.

That and the fact that they are often responsible for saving a bunch of people or hobbits, or wizards, or what have you. Examples of hero archetypes in literature: If reading Middle English literature isn't your thing, here's a quick breakdown: Sir Gawain, after stepping up to the plate and taking on a challenge that none of the other knights were brave or dumb enough to take on, must go on an adventure that is almost certain to end in his death.

10 Traits of the Mentor Character Archetype: Hagrid + Haymitch

He faces many challenges along the way—most important, there is a very tempting and very married lady that Sir Gawain must resist.

The whole thing is a test of Sir Gawain's integrity and bravery, and—honorable knight that he is—he passes with only a minor indiscretion. Though not everyone is familiar with Sir Gawain, I think it's fair to assume that most people have heard of Harry Potter. Harry represents the hero archetype almost perfectly.

He takes on more responsibility than he should reasonably have to—teens aren't usually expected to keep the world safe from evil, after all—and remains brave even when he knows he faces certain death. Like many classic heroes, Harry conquers death, completes his mission, and never waivers from his true self, despite all the hardships he must face.

Like many hero archetypes in literature before him, Harry is ethical almost to a fault. His friends accuse him of being a martyr, a role that often goes along with the hero territory. The mentor is a common archetype in literature.

The mentor is usually old, and this person often has some kind of magical abilities or a much greater breadth of knowledge than others possess.

Mentors help heroes along their journeys, usually by teaching them how to help themselves though mentors sometimes directly intervene in extreme situations. The mentor often ends up dying but is sometimes resurrected or revisited even after death.

Examples of mentor archetypes in literature:Archetype Essay: The Hunger Games This story is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen, who lives in district In this story she is the hero, with most archetypes.

The "hero" in The Hunger Games, would be Katniss and Peeta. When Primrose's name, Katniss' sister, was pulled from the Reaping bowl, Katniss volunteered in her place. Peeta joined a career tribute group to try to stray them from the path of Katniss. The mentor in the Hunger Games is Haymitch Abernathy, a past Hunger Games victor.

A more contemporary example of the innocent character archetype is Prim from Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games series. Prim is a beautiful young girl who retains her innocence and love for others, even after seeing her district destroyed and her sister nearly killed by the Capitol.

The mentor character archetype helps and protects the hero along her journey. Let’s look at the similarities of Hagrid, the mentor in Harry Potter, and Haymitch, the mentor in The Hunger Games..

Archetypes and the hunger games essay

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words. 2 pages. In The Hunger Games, there are several key archetypal characters and situations. The archetype of the hero or heroine in the story is Katniss, a brave sixteen-year old girl who offers to take the place of her sister in the annual Hunger Games.

She displays remarkable courage in .

Archetypes and the hunger games essay
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