Animal test ielts topic

This means you must look at both sides of the issue and you must also be sure you give your opinion too. The essay is similar to an essay that says "Discuss both opinions and then give your opinion" but it is worded differently.

Animal test ielts topic

Animal test ielts topic

You can see how I do this by looking at the transcript below. Instead, I concentrate here on being fluent and making myself coherent.

This can be much more practical in an exam situation. This is an excellent approach. See my separate lesson on this — making the examiner your friend. Add in detail The questions on the card are not restrictive.

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What this means is that you can add in detail. Here you will find that I talk quite a lot about how my cat looks. Though his colouring is rather special. He looks as if he might be a pedigree cat and some people have asked.

You might laugh at this but I do sometimes take him outside for a walk — on a lead — just as you would with a dog. What does he eat? Until very recently he only ate chicken. Our vet diagnosed him as being intolerant of any form of cat food — he was being sick all the time. So I used to cook chicken for him 3 times a day!

You want to know why I love him? And I love him just like I would a person.

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Notes The topic words I have marked the topic words in red. Making it personal This is a very personal answer an you should see that I use personal pronouns all the way through. I talk about how I feel and I also talk to the examiner.

Spoken idiom and qualifying words Idiom is tough to learn and you should be careful about overusing it. The words in green are quite simple but they do help.Feb 11,  · Main IELTS Pages: This website is to develop your IELTS skills with tips, model answers, lessons, free books, and more.

Each section (Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading) has a complete collection of lessons to help you improve your IELTS skills.5/5(1). Aug 04,  · IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics January to April Below you will find some IELTS speaking part 2 topics that students have posted so far this month.

This section contains materials to help your students prepare for the IELTS exam. It includes exam practice exercises and exam technique advice along with some suggestions for preparing your students for this exam with minimal resources.

The IELTS Listening module consists of four sections. In each section you will hear a recording of a monologue or conversation. Each recording lasts around five minutes. See below for information on all four sections. While listening, you have to answer ten questions, which can be multiple choice.

Animals Testing Essay - Model Answer. Issues related to animal experimentation are frequently discussed these days, particularly in the media. It is often said that animals should not be used in testing because it is cruel and unnecessary. This essay will examine the .

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IELTS Animal Testing Essay - Model Answer