An introduction to history of woodstock 99

This study is based on the history of Spittle House Close, Old Woodstock, and the owners and occupiers described in the title deeds from to the present day. The Close belonged to the author and her forebears for over a century. Together with information from Woodstock leases, it has been possible to trace ownership of the Close from the mid-sixteenth century and learn something of the lives these people led and the work they did. A strikingly detailed insight into the lives of ordinary townspeople over a period of years, set against the history of the town as a whole.

An introduction to history of woodstock 99

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An introduction to history of woodstock 99

Pages Research Paper on Woodstock Research Paper on Woodstock When it comes to music, since its contraception, each generation has had something to celebrate. Inbecause of the need to celebrate, a three day, muddy, drug induced haze in Sullivan County, New York that became known as Woodstock was born.

Through much controversy and many differences, there were some similarities that shined through without question. The tribute factor of both shows is evident. The show was a tribute to peace, love, and social prosperity; and it was conceived by many as a tribute to the generation.

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Though the war was in full effect at that time, the people had it in their heads that it was still a good time to celebrate and come together to as one to spread love and peace everywhere. The show was considered to be the end of the hippie era and the beginning of something new after the war.

Many of the performers were dedicated to the anti-war campaign and over whelming patriotism. The set was to end at 3: Havnes had to play for almost three hours because other acts had not arrived. The anti- war aura that was already present at the festival was now even more because of that.

That, too many, was an impressive attempt to give respect to the late and great. Hendrix was remembered by many artists and bands at the show. Unlike the peaceful atmosphere at Woodstock, the Altamont show turned deadly when the Hells Angels biker gang was hired as security and beat a black man to death in the crowd.

This was not the only show to try to re-create or live up to the original Woodstock. After noticing this, a 40 city tour, sponsored by Vans Shoes was put together involving bands that became the Warped Tour.

After looking at the comparisons of these two shows, there are many differences as well. One major difference was the celebration fact.

Inthe generation was celebrating love, peace and the end of the hippie era. Inthere was nothing to celebrate.

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They used the ending of the millennium and the beginning of a new one to be their reason to celebrate. Another huge difference was the crowds at both shows.

This was a reflection of the people of that generation and the culture of that time. Things were taken in stride and put to rest the easiest, painless way possible. They were already against the war, so instead of mirroring the war back at home, they decided that peace and love were the answers.

The security was useless trying to stop a powder keg of rage ready to blow. Fires were started, cars were flipped, fences were torn down, and everything was vandalized. This was out of control chaos that left 8 women with miscarriages, numerous rapes, burns, and many broken bones.

For the ones who were there, they thought it was a good time, because the biggest acts of that time were there and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.INTRODUCTION "The baffling history of mankind is full of obvious turning points and significant events: battles won, treaties signed, rulers elected or disposed, and now seemingly, planets conquered.


Attendance, however, fell below the 10, mark. 47 The previous month Woodstock '99, organized by Michael Lang and John Scher, was held at. Often included are appended discussions devoted to Woodstock ’79, Woodstock ’89, Woodstock ’94, and Woodstock ’ Other texts place Woodstock within the larger context of s America (e.g., the rise of a counterculture) and the role of music in shaping society .

Woodstock '99 From July , , the New York State Police maintained a detail in the Rome, New York, area for the Woodstock `99 music festival, held July Approximately members of the New York State Police were assigned to the detail. Ms Smith had a strong presence in the community and was the first person to research and record the complex history of Woodstock which was published as the first edition of Reviews: Woodstock Essays: Over , Woodstock Essays, Woodstock Term Papers, Woodstock Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access The event, thought by some to mark a high point in the American counterculture History Showed first characters. Do you need an essay? $ /page. Essay The muddiest four days in history were celebrated in a drug-induced haze in Sullivan County, New York (Tiber 1).

Music soared through the air and into the ears of the more than , hippies that were crowded into Max Yasgur's pasture.

"What we had here was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence," said Bethel town historian Bert Feldmen.

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